Jenny L. Davis

Indigenous Anthropologist, Activist, Sleep Enthusiast, Nerd

Creative Work


Recent Publications

the seed runner”. Transmotion. Dec. 30, 2018


Print Anthologies:
Yellow Medicine Review. Spring 2019
-“Chickasaw word for trickster”
-“Abookoshi’ Hapi Oshi (Little Salt Creek)”

Our Poetica. Cathexis Press. June 2019
-“This Poem”

Raven Chronicles JournalHOME,  Vol. 24. 2017
-“Ceremony of Rending”

Resist Much/Obey Little: Inaugural Poems to the Resistance. Dispatches Editions. 2017
-“Over a Barrel”
-“Apocalypse Journals”
-“Indigenous Kinship Systems”

As/US. Volume 6. Spring 2016
-“Before We Were Ashes.”
-“Academic Side Show Woman.”
-“The (American) Indian (Studies) Removal Act of 2014.”
-“Real Indian ABC’s.”

Online Journals:
#21CENTURYINDIANPROBLEMS” Anomaly. Issue 29. 2019
Just what kind of Trickster are you?” Anomaly. Issue 29. 2019
Silent Prayer of and Indian Anthropologist before heading to work” Anomaly. Issue 29. 2019
How Turtle got her shellRiver, Blood, and Corn. April 9, 2019
A Seat at the Trickster’s TableSanta Ana River Review, Feb. 3, 2019
Gifts between Ghosts” Anomaly. Issue 25, 2017
Bone Songs” Anomaly. Issue 25, 2017
Indigenous Kinship Systems” Broadsided, #NoDAPL Responses: Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) Action at Standing Rock, 2016-2017, edited by Tiffany Midge. February 10, 2017.
“Submergence.” Rabbit and Rose. Issue 10. 2016
Ofi’ Tohbi’ Ihina’.” River, Blood, and Corn, Aug. 2016,
-Republished in The 90%: Stories of Diaspora from Indian Country, Sept. 2016
Tethered.” River, Blood, and Corn, Aug. 2016
The Girl Who Loves Turtles.” River, Blood, and Corn, Aug. 2016
Let Us Rest.” River, Blood, and Corn, Aug. 2016
Ofi’ Tohbi’.” Rabbit and Rose. Issue 09. Spring 2016.

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