Jenny L. Davis

Indigenous Anthropologist, Activist, Sleep Enthusiast, Nerd

See you there!

American Anthropological Association,
 Washington, DC.
Workshop: “Language Documentation Technologies and Methodologies” Weds. Nov. 29
Paper: “Earth mother protect you”: Mock American Indian English and ‘playing Indian’ in World of Warcraft, Sunday Dec. 3
Panel: Language, Race, & Digital Space, Sunday Dec. 3

American Studies Association, Chicago, IL.
Paper: “Earthmother Protect Us”: Playing Indian in Digital Domains”
Panel: Native Studies in the Digital Age

Woodland Patterns, Milwaukee, WI.
Book Release &Poetry Reading : Resist Much / Obey Little: Inaugural Poems to the Resistance

International Association of Applied Linguistics Conference. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Paper on invited panel: “Where do queer linguistics and language revitalization meet?: Indigenous language reclamation In Two-Spirit activism.” July 23-27, 2017

Native American and Indigenous Studies Association Meeting. Vancouver, BC. Paper:  “Multilingualism in Unexpected Places: Indigenous language practice versus academic presentation.” June 22.

Symposium on the American Indian, Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, OK Keynote Speaker:   “Religion, Politics, and Money: Thinking through the social factors in language revitalization.” April 20, 2017

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