Jenny L. Davis

Indigenous Anthropologist, Activist, Sleep Enthusiast, Nerd

See you there!

2018    “Chickasaw Language Use and Revitalization as Kinship Practice. Language In Context. Reading Group (LICO), University of Illinois, Chicago. Chicago, IL. Oct. 24.

2018    “Talking to family, God, animals, and even white people: Chickasaw language as kinship and responsibility.”  Paper to be  presented at American Anthropological Association Meeting, San Jose, CA. Nov. 18. Davis.AAA 2018

2018    “Linguistic Sovereignty” Paper to be given for the Colloquium on Indigeneity and Native American Studies (CINAS), Northwestern University. Chicago, IL. Nov. 29.

2019    “Can the Speakers of Indigenous Languages be Queer?: Reconciling Two-Spirit Language Use and Linguistic Representation.” Paper to be presented at the Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting. New York, NY. Jan. 4.

2019    “The Inter-, Intra-, and multi-national dynamics of NAGPRA and the repatriation of anthropological collections”. Paper to be presented at the Central Illinois Society of the Archaeological Institute of America. Mar. 31.

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